The Role of Data Scientist in the Fashion World

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Big Data has already had a strong impact in the fashion world. Today fashion is becoming more and more technology based. In the fashion world, it is all about style and art. With Big Data being the cutting edge of technology not every industry is sold on its value.

With data analytics having more of an impact in real time through research and analyzing accurate data focused on word phrases in the fashion industry this is taking technology to where the fashion industry is spending valuable time understanding the predictive approach.

Technology and fashion are moving forward with various social media platforms making fashion accessible to a larger spectrum of consumers, not just millennials which has increased the challenge for designers and retailers when it comes to competition.

Twenty years ago fashion brands were promoted through magazines and store catalogues. Today, we have e-commerce, online shopping, mobile and social media platforms.

With Data Science rising and predicting the way consumers purchase we as retailers and designers must be empowered with branding and marketing through sharing on mobile devices and networking with images that appeal to consumers’ sense of style and what makes them come back for more.
More research, more consumer insight and excellent sense of style in the fashion industry to make it work is what everyone is seeking, making your store front or online store pop. Visual branding and search advertisement branding is the new technology that adds value.
Fashion is still moving. This is an industry that generates $1 trillion annually. Fashion, art and technology is balance.