Daily Tips to get back on the horse

Thorough Breed Back on Course 3:30:17 PG

1. Get back on the horse.

When we fall off the horse we choose to get right back on the horse. It is like riding a bike, what is the worst thing that can happen, you fall off again. Repeat to yourself, keep getting up and stay the course until you are on again.

2. Have a plan to fix the situation.

Admit you don’t know and ask for help. Put a plan in place with the best information you can pull together. Know what is important to your growth. Eliminate any distraction that can derail you. Find a solution. Deliver the result with joy.

3. Get back on the right horse.

It is important to know that you are a champion and whatever it takes, know that it is in the mindset. Do not allow timidity to affect your commitment to consistency. Waiting to get back on is an excuse. You can and you will. Make it happen.

4. Persistence.

Staying in the positive zone of being optimistic is a feeling of belief and being persistent. Action is the attitude of the daily talks you tell yourself. Remember to clear your decks and it is up to you to program your mind in the positivity of being persistent and to take action for the best outcome.