What do you do with Data? Is it logical enough for you?

How do you describe logical? Our happiness is determined by something we love to do.

Man running in a Big Data Gear

Man running in a Big Data Gear


Ok there are many ways to look at logic.

The opposite of logical is physical which refers to the real organization of a system.

What system do you rely on daily for your data, logical or physical?

It is so simple yet we make it complicated, when we hear logic, we think, science, we think math, we think data or we even go further by saying Big Data or I am overwhelmed help me, then we turn to the physical and run the opposite and hide.

Today Big Data is Data Science or real time technologies.

It is taking over your computer, your iPhone and anything technological you are around. Big Data is the algorithms that determine what you like to eat, what time you go to bed, who you want to hire and the list goes on. Are you sure you want all this data in your room. Like humans we cannot drop it like a piece of dirty laundry on the floor, because Big Data does not go away it is here to stay, it takes over everything. Look around you.

Companies cannot attract the right people to manipulate the data. Everywhere you go they are asking to process more and more data. Is Data real time data or is it data to get you off your game and distract you from the goals you have scheduled for yourself?

They are three simple thoughts when processing the data.

  1. Clarify the data you are given.
  2. Verify the data you are looking at.
  3. Do not be afraid of the data.

Companies are over loaded and many Data Scientists are highly paid data entry clerks, because many of them are afraid to communicate to another human, they prefer to communicate with pulling the data and transforming it to load it and use it, confusing the average non-data person. Take the time to ask the right questions. Engage in the process with the right Talent Search firm. At Personal Touch Recruiters, we take a personal touch approach to lead our clients with world-class recruitment services. Our Executive Talent Brokers find the right human resources for your organization after gaining an in-depth understanding and analysis of your business requirements. We focus on quality, not over loading you with data. Our strong core integrity is built on our network in the industry and long-term business relationships which enable us to fulfill effectively and efficiently the hiring needs of our clients.

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Author: Audrey Johnson Scheper