Trump Touches All Americans

President Trump is in touch with the American people. He has shown us he is courageous and he is generous. He wants to make sure we do not repeat the immigration crisis. President Trump is a brilliant genius who has put a strategic immigration plan in place and the Democrats who are stiff necked are not listening, their pride and divisiveness are keeping them down. They are running out of substance and they are truly fooling themselves and the dreamers. They are keeping them behind the 8 ball. But the dreamers are smarter, they can see through all of this.

They can see that President Trump is not only the 45th President of the United States of America but he is result oriented, he is a born leader who has the Trump Supporters on his team along with Americans with heart.

President Donald J Trump knocked the State of the Union speech right out of the park.

On Tuesday, January 30th all American stood up straight knowing that America comes First. It is history and he proved to all of us he is not just the author of the Art of the Deal, but he is truly an American with a heart and he lives the dream of the 9 fruits of the spirit straight from scripture: Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Faith, Kindness, Self-control, Goodness and Gentleness. Our President showed the 7 billion people around the world: America First, we are not laying down and turning our backs, we will stand up and respect our God, Flag and Country. America never left, we just had stiff necks and naysayers who did not know us. Thank you, All Americans.

President Donald J Trump said companies are coming back to America. The companies want to be where the action is- USA.

Chrysler will be moving its plant out of Mexico back to Michigan and will pay out bonuses.  America is on the rise.


President Trump

Please visit the superstar President Donald J Trump on twitter. Let him know how well he is doing for you. Make America Great Again. America is back.