Senior Software Engineer

Senior Software Engineer

Develop and maintain all parts of software suite.


• Develop and test Java components and classes.
• Develop documentation.
• Handle multiple tasks and projects.
Skills Needed:
• Troubleshooting, maintaining, or developing data-driven applications.
• 4+ years experience in Java OO development.
• Multi-threaded and multi-user server-side.
• Software development best practices and design patterns.
• Web service technologies (REST, JAX-WS, etc.)
• Scalability analysis and performance analysis.
• Windows and Unix/Linux.
• Ant, Ivy, and/or Maven.
• JUnit and Mockito.
Skills Desired:
• Modular software and services management frameworks (OSGi and Spring).
• Data Integration / ETL, OLAP and Big Data.
• JavaScript MVC (Backbone, Angular, Ember, Knockout).
• RDBMS (MySQL, PostgreSQL, H2, HSQLDB, Oracle, SQL Server).

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