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The Job market today is full of extraordinary opportunities for professionals who are seeking the right Job move in their career. At Personal Touch Recruiters, LLC we help professionals achieve their career dreams and goals. We ask you to help us to help you. We have a system that is highly effective and we are committed to providing executive career services that add value to all of our clients we serve.
Are you ready to find something you love and put your heart and value into?

With the Trump economy and the GNP at 4.1 it is only getting better for the right American worker. Everyone deserves an excellent opportunity for the right position at the right American Company. You deserve the best and you are the best. Personal Touch Recruiters, LLC has experience. We bring to you our personal touch and care. No matter where you are located we will work with you. Do not wait any longer. Let us help you today. 

The economy is at its best in a decade.

The opportunities for Women, Hispanics and Blacks are even getting stronger each day.
We are a woman, minority owned business.
It is about the economy and you. We will walk you through the process. What are you waiting for? Many clients today are seeking the right fit and you are the right fit. 

We are expert in several areas that are seeking you. We work with clients from Big 4 CPA firms to manufacturing. Today we have openings in the technology space for software engineers, data scientists and many positions in finance, accounting, cost accounting, Tax and Financial Advisors. If you are ready we are ready to coach you for the next big opportunity.

Call Audrey at 805-795-3350 to schedule time to discuss your needs and wants.

If you are a company and are looking for that right candidate, we are here for you too.

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You are valuable and we serve you with respect.
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